Satellite TV

Satellite TV turns out to be the largest source of entertainment in the USA. The ability to watch worldwide programs in multiple rooms of a house or business, makes the satellite television popular choice. Satellite television lets users to watch the shows regardless of the model and manufacturer of the television.

Satellite televisions provide a receiver, antenna, Digital Video Recorder, remote control, and so on. Additional hardware, mini devices, remotes, and antennas may be required depending on the number of devices. Modern satellite television providers offer 24 hour customer care, smart phone applications, tablet applications, online payments, auto payments, Pay-per-Click options, and so on.

Satellite television providers also offer the flexibility of choosing the channels you need. They also have international language channels, sports channels, religious channels, adult channels, kids channels, cartoon channels, movie channels, and so on. Some providers let the users record their favorite shows, voice operated remote search, wireless connectivity and skip commercials.

Pricing is determined by the channels and the number of televisions or devices. Any additional features may be charged extra depending up on the provider. Many satellite television providers require auto debit from your bank account. Choose a provider depending on your budget and entertainment requirements.


There are a number of satellite television providers who can cater to the needs of millions of users. The infrastructure and coverage of the providers let them transmit the channels nationwide. Some providers may be local to a region. Here are the top satellite television providers in the USA:

Satellite TV Providers in the USA



Directv is the widely used satellite television network and offers exclusive movie, sports, shows, and so on. Internet and TV bundles tend to be cost effective but need to sign up for a two year contract.

Image Source: DIRECTV



Dish network coverage is available through out the country and has several international channels. They partnered with Internet providers to offer cost effective solutions. A two year contract is mandatory and they need auto debit option from the bank account.

Image Source: Dish



Glorystar offers over 70 channels related to Christian faith and values. Multiple room options and packages are available and they offer free Christian radio stations. There is no monthly fees but users have to pay one time installation charges. Multi language and muti cultural channels are available from Glorystar.

Image Source: Glorystar

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Century Link

CenturyLink Prism TV has several channels for your entertainment. It works on a fiber-optic cable wherever available and has sports packages and prime time television shows available for users. Wireless connectivity, on demand shows, live streaming, multiple devices, and so on are the other features from Centurylink. They require a one year contract for the different packages and price savings to be effective.

Image Source: Century Link



Home2US offers nine channels in the USA and they have multi language channels as well. There are some free channels that users can avail with their service. Installation requires an antenna, receiver, DVR, and so on. Check for your local installer for pricing and channels available.

Image Source: Home2US



Verizon Fios TV offers sports channels, premium channels, and so on. The DVR lets you record high definition programs and live streaming. If your area is cable ready, then you can install the Verizon Fios TV by following the simple instructions. Bundle with Internet and phone to get better packages. Verizon Fios also has some Spanish channels and packages.

Image Source: Verizon fios


Modern satellite television providers offer exclusive entertainment with latest technologies. The live streaming and multiple device options let the users watch their shows any where. Wireless connectivity of the devices and the ability to install their favorite applications is a good option.

With some devices such as Hopper 3 from Dish, users can access other sources such as Pandora, Vevo, Netflix, and so on from their DVRs. In addition, the Hopper mini from Dish lets users record their shows on the portable device and watch the shows on multiple mobile and tablet devices without Internet, Wifi, or data connections. Business packages cater to mass entertainment and many users. International packages offer entertainment in different languages.

Satellite television providers have a lot of hidden fees which users must be cautious about. The bundle options are cost effective but there are also some extra fees which users must pay to avail the special features. The customer care of some satellite television providers are rude which is a draw back. Inaccurate and confusing bills cause confusion and loss to the consumers. Users must check the usage and price before signing contracts with the satellite television providers.